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Теги и жанры: black metal, folk metal, folk black metal, spain, spanish

Numen was born as a quartet in 1992 (Alicante, Spain). The former band was composed by Vctor Arques (vocals and bass), Manuel Mas (keyboards), Antonio Valiente (guitar) and Gaspar Martnez (drums).

From the beginning of its musical career, the band has been pointing its style to a quite elaborated kind of music whose main aim is melody and the instrumental arrangements. All these qualities are perfectly mixed up with a deep feeling on its lyrics. The final result consists of some kind of mosaic where spontaneity and innovation fit together through a musical style as the progressive rock, one of the most suitable fields for the musical experimentation.

In 1996 Csar Alcaraz joined the band as vocalist. His style goes together amazingly well with the musical conception of the band. From that moment, the recording project of its first album called Samsara arose.

In 2000 Numen was dissolved as a band. Its members are engaged from that time to their personal projects.

In 2011 the members gathered after several attempts to start a new project. After three years, Numen launch their second album Numenclature (2014).

Recently, Marcos Bevi has joined Numen as a new guitar player.


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