Young Money - Hittin′ like (feat. Shanell)

Исполнитель: Young Money
Альбом: Без альбома

Текст песни Hittin′ like (feat. Shanell)

[Intro: Chanel West Coast]
Chanel & Shanell
Ya′ll already Know

[Verse 1: Shanell]
Bet you want to know what it feel it like
What it smell like so good you what to call it your own
Take me out the hood put me in the hills
Guesippe huh? You like that huh?
Cause I go along
It don′t matter who you are (who You are turn it up)
Pass the caviar Dining in Come and get it (Come and Get)
He want it 7 days a week cause I give him what he

[Hook: Shanell]
Cause he′s always thinking about my body, Oh!
Running telling everybody, Damn
Got him so gone G-G-Gone
Can′t nobody turn him o-o-on
Cause he know what its hittin′ like [x2]
What its Hittin′ Like (Young Money)

[Verse 2: Chanel]
West Coast
Nobody like me do him better
Love the way im hittin′ Mayweather
Ima heat it up wool sweater
Watch you beat it up you better
Talkin′bout beast he want to air it out
Ima show you what it is when I wear him out
Asian provocative,satin sheets
Got him wanting more mad that we got to pass

[Hook: Shanell]

[Bridge: Shanell (x2)]
My love be Hittin′ right
I′ll send him to his crazy
My love be rockin′ like
He want to make me his lady

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