Young Money - Where′s wayne?

Исполнитель: Young Money
Альбом: Без альбома

Текст песни Where′s wayne?

[Lil Chuckie]
Boy when we catch you
Its over with
Even stunna cant save you on this one

[Nicki Minaj]
Yo yo yo
Yo Ima show these girls how to pick ′em
Get ′em and then trick ′em like brrrrr stick ′em!!
See I′m the mistress he the president
His name Lil Wayne but that′s irrelevent
Yo Millz, Ima grab that lil nigga by the dreadlocks
Kick in the door brake the chains and the dead lock

[Jae Millz]
Ay yo I been hittin his phone and still cant get ′em
I know he ain′t missin he prolli just hidden
Somewhere in a multi-million dolla condo
And Ima put his life in the GPS pronto
I got a call from the mistress
Then I hit gudda with the quickness

[Gudda Gudda]
Whats poppin ain′t nothin on my end
This nigga hard to find like ben loddon
Ima put him in the trunk since he like hiddin
Tie the nigga up make him comfy inside it
Me and Lil Chuckie still ridin, lurkin

[Lil Chuckie]
Ax in the trunk when we find him its hurtin

[Gudda Gudda]
Yea that′s for certain he better run upstate
Or he gon get gag tied up and duck taped

[Lil Twist]
Sittin on the block and I′m so insane
Tryna find Lil Wayne, I even called mack maine
But no answer no reign and no pain
Just confused like a pill without a gain
So I call lil chuckie sayin dog where you at

[Lil Chuckie]
I′m tryna reach Wayne
Homeboy call back

[Lil Twist]
So I took 30 minutes out of my time of day
Tryna reach the president but it ain′t goin my way

[Lil Chuckie]
I′m on the scout lookin for this buster named wayne
When I catch him no softness man its chain gang
I been around him too long I know he got money
He prolli on a jet flyin to another country
Or matter fact he prolli chillin in miami
With reginae and them chillin with the family
Get up in the six it go errr make it skate
After this commercial brake

[Lil Twist]
When I find this guy man I swear that its over
Ima put his dread head under the rover
Shhh homeboy I′m it
And Ima take the maybach and mr.g hot stiff
Now, back to you Ima do what it do fool
And paint the bulgatti blue boy that′ll hurt you
And all of a sudden I started hushin and puffin
Huffin and puffin wait a minute Nicki Minaj gone buss it

[Nicki Minaj]
Ima grab him by the waist and give him some good face
Then tie him up while I run up in the safe
Stirafone cups, everything is gettin yack
I make my niggas tattoo nicki on his back
Better get the chain saw incase we see him
Let that little nigga know we gotta paper dee him
Cause wayne think he ill since he copped that bugatti
Rollin round with baby he be stuntin like his daddy

[Jae Millz]
Nick I overstand it
In other words copy copy
Hines sight I want is DD9 and his mazarati
He slick and he cocky but he gon get slopy
When we come across him Ima kimbo slice his body
Dwayne carters where abouts is a must yes
We all on the label we would never turn to suspect

[Lil Twist]
Good cuz I ain′t tryna do no jail time

[Jae Millz]
Don′t worry bout it twist your alabi gon be the same as mine
And nickis and guddas and chuckies
We might even get his black card and the pin if we lucky

[Gudda Gudda]
This nigga runnin out of time and I′m runnin out of patience
Time is money and his life he might pay with
He prolli in the studio that′s his rest haven
I′m sure when we meet I′m whats craven
Ima drag this nigga to houston and straight flip
Strip down the maybach and sit it on bricks
Snatch him then slap him hold him in his hatchet
And call and transport we need a million for his ransom

[Lil Chuckie]
Hold up Gudda you got me throwed
Cuz I just missed him he was in the rov
But now he down town at the second line
Posted up stuntin all in the line
But then he spotted me he tried to break it good
But then I took him down advantage of bein young
Drage him then I roll drage him to the river
Everybody hurry up I got this nigga

Haha, yea

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