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Теги и жанры: ebm, industrial, dark electro, electronic, industrial metal, futurepop

RED CELL was formed by Per and Jimmy during the winter of 2002/2003. They recorded their first demo, called "In Command", in February 2003. The sound was very raw and was called "Industrial metal" by the local press. Per came up with the band name Red Cell who appears in the TV-series Nikita. The band name was actually one of the first thing Per and Jimmy decided before they started to compose melodies.

After that they hooked up with Stefan (who played guitar on their first demo) and Jens on synthesizer, and the sound quickly developed into a more electric type of music. After the "I am the way"- demo, they recorded their third demo "Related skin" who received good reviews and when they won the big Swedish demo-contest Quest For Fame, they had their first record contract. But they later turned down that deal.

After that they played in most of the biggest and small cities in Sweden and also visited Copenhagen, Denmark, and they slowly began to plan to release an album. And in January 2005 they signed to Torny Gottberg and his Progress Productions, located in Gothenburg, Sweden. On the 7th of September 2005 their debut album "Hybrid Society" was released and went up on 7th Place at the swedish official metal charts and 53rd place on national official charts.

After that the guys did a tour in Sweden and during 2006 they played their first gig in Norway. That was also the first gig without Jens who decided to leave the band. In 2008 the band will release their first record in three years, named "Lead or Follow".

Jimmy Jnsson - vocals
Stefan Aronsson - synthesizers & programming
Per Linnerblad - synthesizers & programming


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