Wynonna Judd - It′s Never Easy To Say Goodbye

Исполнитель: Wynonna Judd
Альбом: Без альбома

Текст песни It′s Never Easy To Say Goodbye

immy climbs on board that old yellow bus
It sure looks big in his little eyes
His mama waits as her tears kick up the dust
It’s never easy to say goodbye

Julie Ray in her pearl white wedding gown
Has found her wings and it’s time to fly
It’s all her dad can do to keep from breakin?down
It’s never easy to say goodbye


It ain’t easy
To ever say goodbye
It ain’t easy
Lettin?go of the ones you love
But believe me
Begin by and by
If not here
Than somewhere up above

I’ve had some friends that I lost along the way
They’ve been called on down the line
Though their time was short, I think about them every day
And it ain′t easy to say goodbye

(Repeat Chorus)

Now the time has come to go our separate ways

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