Wynonna Judd - We Can′t Unmake Love

Исполнитель: Wynonna Judd
Альбом: Без альбома

Текст песни We Can′t Unmake Love

efore God and family we made the perfect start
And swore death would be the only thing to keep us apart
But we′re fighting just like soldiers on a field of battle now
And the life we made together is our only common ground
She′s got your eyes, my nose and our hearts


We can′t unmake love
And just erase all the years
The sweetest little girl
In all the world will still be here
We promised love would last
She′s living proof it still does
So even if we wanted to give up
We can′t unmake love

Remember how the future looked as we′d lie awake and dream
Thinking just how powerful the love we made could be

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