ZZ Top - I′m Bad, I′m Nationwide

Исполнитель: ZZ Top
Альбом: Без альбома

Текст песни I′m Bad, I′m Nationwide

Well I was rollin′ down the road in some cold blue steel,
I had a bluesman in the back, and a beautician at the wheel.
We′re going downtown in the middle of the night
We was laughing and I′m jokin′ and we feelin′ alright.
Oh I′m bad, I′m nationwide.
Yes I′m bad, I′m nationwide.

Easin′ down the highway in a new Cadillac,
I had a fine fox in front, I had three more in the back.
They sportin′ short dresses, wearin′ spike-heeled shoes,
They smokin′ Lucky Strikes, wearing nylon too.
Welcome back, we′re nationwide.
Yeah we bad, we′re nationwide.

Well I was movin′ down the road in my V-8 Ford,
I had a shine on my boots, I had my sideburns lowered.
With my New York brim and my gold tooth displayed,
Nobody give me trouble cause they know I got it made.
I′m bad, I′m nationwide.
Girl I′m bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, I′m nationwide.

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