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Everybody Gets Hurt

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Cunthunt 777

Группа образовалась в начале 2008 года, когда 5-ро парней из баварского города Аугсбург решили играть смесь битдаун хардкора со злым детметаллом. В августе 2008 года после смены басиста группа стала еще злей и напористей. В декабре 2008 года в группу пришел вокалист Алекс и сейчас CUNTHUNT777 представляет собой сикстет в составе:

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Awaken Demons

Everything started in the summer of 2005, when Nick and
Massimiliano (Sentences member) decided to begin a new
project, a new band, focused on a common message, but it was
just an idea, nothing of really concrete. After a couple of
months Enrico (Sentences member) joined the band and we
started to write a couple of songs, but the problem was not
resolved. We couldnt find a drummer for almost 1 year…but
one day, Raffaele (Ex Reprisal) joined with us, and the line up
was almost completed. Next Alessandro (Sentences member) and
later Luca (Shall I Dies member) joined the band as voices, so
right now everything is set. Today a lot of people dont care
anymore of what Hardcore/Straight Edge is, they just care about
fashion, shitty attitude, fucking each other, bullshits and
more. Awaken Demons is just a Straight Edge Hardcore Band, who
belive in friendship and loyalty and nothing less. XXX

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Trapped Under Ice

Отличный мошевый и довольно эмоциональный хардкор из города Балтимор, штат Мэриленд, не без влияния >NYHC. Образована группа в 2007 году Беном, Сэмом, Джастисом, Эриком и Клипом, сразу же вышла 5-трековая демка. Сейчас парни активно выступают вместе с >Death Before Dishonor, >Warriors ,>CDC и >Terror.

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Gift Giver

Gift Giver

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«Betrayal» - группа из США,штат Калифорния, играющая смесь из бескомпромиссного хардкора, металла и множества быстрых ту-степ вставок.

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Today, Havenside is a band that you can not help but notice. Formed in 2006 by Brandon Wells, Havenside began to leave their mark on Sacramento’s hardcore music scene. After their first full length album, Lost and Departed, the band experienced drastic changes. Having added a new drummer and guitarist, they came together as a powerful band who have transformed their sound into something remarkably powerful and solid. Havenside’s live performances are a one of a kind experience, packed with high energy. Havenside‘s music is packed with hard-hitting riffs, and also incorperates creatively infused melodic, memorable melodies. This band works hard for every bit of recognition they attain. They have strived for absolutely everything they have accomplished, including touring several states and the anticipation of the release of their 2010 album. Aptly titled “Recognition,” this new album brings a fresh new sound to the table, which is easy to see from their hard-hitting single, “Still Eyes,” featuring collaboration with Rob McCarthy from Lionheart and Mike Hood from Hoods. Havenside has shared the stage with such esteemed acts as Donnybrook, Earth Crisis, Evergreen Terrace, First Blood, For the Fallen Dreams, The Ghost Inside, Lionheart, Stick to Your Guns, Thick as Blood, and many more. Recently under new management, you can expect to see Havenside touring constantly in the upcoming year. Clearly, this band has laid significant groundwork over the past few years, and is a dedicated force to be reckoned with in the current hardcore music scene.

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In Blood We Trust

IN BLOOD WE TRUST started back in January 2003 as a four-piece of kids
called Nils , Rene, Georg and Bjrn out of the suburbs of Recklinghausen (Germany)
They collected all the things they missed in a good song and
put them altogether with an angry metallic guitar work, a
whole load of double bass parts, and
the meanest throat they could find - IN BLOOD WE TRUST was born.
In fall 2003 they recorded a demo CD with their very first five songs.
Sure they had a nice punch…but indeed there was more room for improvement left!
The following months they worked hard and
played a handful of shows with a lot of other fine bands like
Deadsoil, Knuckledust, Settle the Score, End of days, Clobberin Time and Age of Disgrace.

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Seventh Star

Seventh Star сформировались в 1998 в Окале, Флорида с целью играть тяжелую музыку. Команда выпустила свою первую ЕП «LifeBlood» в 2001 на Warfare Records. В июне 2003 Seventh Star выпускают полноценный альбом «Dead End» на Facedown Records.
Seventh Star несколько раз гастролировали по США и делили сцену с такими группами как Agnostic Front, Hatebreed, Sick of it All, Blood for Blood, Shai Hulud, Most Precious Blood, Comeback Kid и As I Lay Dying.
2004 год был поворотным моментом для группы. По возвращении из зимнего тура в 2003 с Hoods и Haste the Day, в Seventh Star было три участника. Они сделали передышку в 2004,переформировались пополнив состав вокалистом Джонни Интраивиа и гитаристом Чейзом Муром.
Этим составом Seventh Star в 2005м записали свой самый тяжелый, динамичный альбом названый «Brood Of Vipers».
В 2007 году записали свой третий полноформатный альбом.
Летом 2008 дали поледние 2 концерта в Германии и Украине после чего группа распалась.
Johnny Intravaia - Vocals
Drew Russ - Bass
Chase Moore - Guitar
Shawn Douglas - Drums
Seventh Star - Life Blood EP (2000) - (>http://rapidshare.com/files/57153865...Life_Blood.rar)
Seventh Star - Dead End (2003) - (>http://rapidshare.com/files/57169111...-_Dead_End.rar)
Seventh Star - Brood of Vipers (2005) - (>http://rapidshare.com/files/57161561...ers__2005_.rar)
Seventh Star - The Undisputed Truth 2007 - (>http://rapidshare.com/files/57012959...Truth_2007.rar)

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Since The Flood

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