Rainbow - Can′t Happen Here

Исполнитель: Rainbow
Альбом: Since You Been Gone

Текст песни Can′t Happen Here

Contaminated fish and micro chips
Huge supertankers on Arabian trips
Oily propaganda from the leader′s lips
All about the future
There′s people over here, people over there
Everybody′s looking for a little more air
Crossing all the borders just to take their share
Planning for the future

And we′re so abused, and we′re so confused
It′s easy to believe that someone′s gonna light the fuse
Can′t happen here, can′t happen here
All that you fear they′re telling you, can′t happen here

Supersonic planes for a holiday boom
Rio de Janeiro in an afternoon
People out of work but there′s people on the moon
Looking for the future
Concrete racetracks nationwide
Juggernauts carving up the countryside
Cars by the million on a one way ride
Using up the future


Satellites sprying for the CIA
The KGB and the man in grey
Wonder if I′m gonna see another day
Somewhere in the future
We got everything we need for a peaceful time
Take what you want but you can′t take mine
Everybody′s living on the Siegfried Line

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