98 Degrees - Yesterday′s Letter

Исполнитель: 98 Degrees
Альбом: Без альбома

Текст песни Yesterday′s Letter

I wrote a letter yesterday
Just trying to explain
Couldn′t find the words to say
Cause you are so far away
So far away

I wrote a letter yesterday
It′s so hard for me to face
That it had to end this way
But my love will never change

You can just walk away
But I don′t feel the same
My heart still beats for you, breaths for you, sings for you
And those feelings will never fade
I can hide my pain
But I can never hide the way I feel for you

I′ve been talking in my sleep
About the way it used to be
Girl, I pray that you′ll hear me
And then I′ll see you in my dreams
Oh, in my dreams

But I can′t forget the words you said to move on with my life
And no matter what I′ll carry you inside

Sooner or later you′re going to realize
That this type of love happens once in your life
So open your eyes, girl, and see what we could be
Come back to me

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