50 Cent - Don′t Push Me

Исполнитель: 50 Cent
Альбом: Без альбома

Текст песни Don′t Push Me

50 cent]

I need you pray for me and
I need you to care for me and
I need you to want me to win,
I need to know where im headed,
cuz I know where I been

flows, bones crushin, its nothin
I come up with sum′n
come through your strip, frontin, stuntin
its sum′n you want
745 chrome spinnins,
haters hate that im winnin
man, I been hot from the beginnin′

muthafuckas, envy the kid
control your jealousy
cuz I can′t control my temper
im finna catch a felony
pistol in hand, homie
im down to get it poppin′
once I squeeze da first shot
you know I aint stoppin′, til′ my clip is empty
im simply, not that nigga should try ur luck wit,
wanna fuck wit
holla tip shells is strup
wit yo bones broke, gun smokin′, still lokin′,
wut nigga lay yo ass down, paramedics get ya up

right now, im on da edge
so dont push me
I aim straight fo′ yo head
so dont push me
fill yo ass up with lead
so dont push me
I got sum′n fo′ yo ass, keep thinkin′ im pussy

[lloyd banks]
I almost lost ma bigga nigga and I didnt cry
too young to understand
the consequences of a man
livin a lie, lie
gotta get that money Ill be damned if im bummin
gotta watch my back around these niggas
cuz they frontin′ 20 years
and watchin my momma tears, got me heated
heavily weeded
smokin that bomb, cuz I need it
these niggas dont want me ballin they want me buried
bald in the dirt from shots flurry
layin wit bugs all on my shirt
I got plans to hop up in da hummer
cuz ima stunner
I sit back and wonder
when dem angels gon′ call my number under
my chest is a heart of a lion, lion, lion
pound me, honeys got me flyin
wit my iron
high as a giant
im runnin from nuthin
my stomach is touchin
while im clutchin
to give you more than a concussion
end the discussion
my brothers told me so im bolder
hennasee and soda
hurt on my shoulder look in the mirror I see a soldier


these are my ideas, this is my sweat and tears
this is shit that I solved with my balls, my ears
this is me who′s gotta be
what you see on tv
what you hear on cd
what appears easy
man, these teeny-boppers see me on these magazine covers
in these beanies in these rags
live in fantasies, frontin
like its all fun n games,
til they shoot em up, bang
and you see your brains hang,
and you see we aint playin,
aint sayin we aint layin down at night n aint prayin
I bullied my way in this game
man, im done playin, man
im done sayin that im done playin
ima start, layin into these, mothafuckin cocksuckas
theres no way ima back down like a god damn coward,
i cant, how would I look as a man, bowin to his knees,
like the mad cow disease
let somebody lash out at me,
n not lash back out at em
please, oh, whoa, yo, ho, hold up, oh no, not me, not marshall
you wanna see marshall?
ill show you marshall
I try to show you art, but you jus pick it apart
so I see I hafta start
showin you fuckin old farts
a whole other side,
I wanted to not show you,
so you know you not
dealin with some fuckin marshmellow
little, soft, yellow, punk pussy who′s heart′s jello (cuz)


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