XTC - I′m The Man Who Murdered Love

Исполнитель: XTC
Альбом: Без альбома

Текст песни I′m The Man Who Murdered Love

I′m the man who murdered love
Yeah! What do you think to that?
I′m the man who murdered love
Yeah! What do you think to that?

He was begging on his bended knee
For me to put him from his misery
He hadn′t worked at all this century
Said ′I do a job for all humanity′

(repeat chorus)

I put a bullet in his sugar head
He thanked me kindly then he lay down dead
Phony roses blossomed where he bled
Then all the cheering angels shook my hand and said...

(repeat chorus)

Oh! It′s the middle of the song!

Oh! Yeah! Oh! Yeah!
I′m guilty! I′m guilty!
I′m guilty! Yeah!
And then I turned and said

There′ll be more pain from broken hearts
And no more lovers to be torn apart
Before you throw me in your dungeon dark
You oughta film me putting statues up in every park

(repeat chorus)

So dear public, I′m here to confess
That I′m the one who freed us from this mess
Love won′t be calling at your address
′Cos you′ve never had you′ll never miss, I guess

(repeat chorus)

If you never ever use it

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