Xscape - Am I Dreamin′

Исполнитель: Xscape
Альбом: Без альбома

Текст песни Am I Dreamin′

m I dreaming, baby,
Are you for real?

Verse One:
(Ol′ Skool):
Things are kind of hazy,
And my head′s all cloudy inside.
Now I′ve heard talk of angels, baby,
But never thought I would have one to call mine.

See you are just too good to be true,
And I hope, there′s not some kind of mirage,
With you, oh baby.

Am I dreamin′,
Am I just imagining you′re here in my life?
Am I dreamin′,
Pinch me to see if it′s real,
Cause my mind can′t decide.

Verse Two:
(Ol′ Skool): Will this last for one night,
(Kandi): Or do I have you for a lifetime?
(Ol′ Skool): Please say that it′s forever,
And that it′s not an illusion to my eye.

And I hope that you just don′t up and disappear,
My love, I pray,
That it′s not a hoax, and it′s for real, oh.

Repeat Chorus

(Ol′ Skool): Baby I know,
Sometime, say that sometime,
I need you to show me girl.
Show me that you′re not a mirage,
(LaTocha): Oh baby, I need you, I need you, I need you.
Oh, I need you to pinch me, baby.
(Ol′ Skool): I need you to pinch me baby,
Am I dreamin baby?

Repeat Chorus

(Ol′ Skool): My mind can′t decide, no no,

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