Wynonna Judd - I′ve Got Your Love

Исполнитель: Wynonna Judd
Альбом: Без альбома

Текст песни I′ve Got Your Love

ou′ve dropped pennies in a wishing well
And wished on every star that fell
Trying to find a heart of gold
You′ve even called the psychic line
But all of that′s a waste of time
I know what your future holds

If you want a love that never ends
Take my hand and let forever begin


I′ve got your love
Don′t need to wish upon a star
Dreams don′t have to be that far
Just look inside my heart
I′ve got your love
Don′t need to wear that lucky charm
To keep the magic goin′ strong
Cause here in my arms
I′ve got your love

If you just take a chance, believe in me
It won′t be long until you see
What I′ve known all along
I′m meant for you, you′re meant for me
There′s no escapin′ destiny
I promise from this moment on

I′ll give you a love that never ends

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