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Eugene Church

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Amos Milburn

The Texan boogie woogie pianist and singer was an important performer of blues music during the years immediately after World War II. Milburn was one of the first performers to switch from sophisticated jazz arrangements to a louder "jump" blues. He began to emphasize rhythm and technical qualities of voice and instrumentation second. He was a commercial success for eleven years and his energetic songs, about getting 'high', were admired by fellow musicians and influenced many performers, such as >Little Willie Littlefield, >Floyd Dixon and his prime disciple, >Fats Domino (who credited Milburn consistently as an influence on his music).

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The Treniers

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Bobby Lewis

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Danay Surez

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Ciara, Ludacris

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Coco Jones

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Fatman Scoop

Fatman Scoop born Isaac Freeman III is a New York City hip hop hype man and radio personality, he is best known for the song "Be Faithful" with the Crooklyn Clan which went to number one in Britain and Ireland in late 2003 and top 5 of the Australia song has been a favorite in clubs around the world for years, but it took two years to clear the samples from Jay-Z Black Sheep Queen Pen, The Beatnuts and Faith Evans Road takes its name from the sample of Evans singing The follow up "It Takes Scoop" reached the top 10 on the British Top 20 in Ireland and the 40 best in Australia in 2004 In 2005, Fatman Scoop was featured on two hit songs, Mariah Carey's "It's Like That" and Missy Elliott's "Lose Control" Scoop also hosts sinVisa on popular New York City radio station WQHT (FM) Hot 97

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Hijas del Sol

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Lisa Lisa

Lisa Lisa (родилась Lisa Velez, 15 января 1967) и ее група Cult Jam была американской пуэрто-риканской группой и одной из оригинальных freestyle групп 1980-ых. Cult Jam состояла из гитариста/басиста Алекса "Spanador" Moseley, и барабанщика/музыканта, играющего на клавишных инструментах Mike Hughes. Их поддержывала и записывала студия Full Force.

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