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Bram Tchaikovsky

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Thbata Louise

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The Ready Set

The Ready Set - это соло-проект 20-летнего Jordan Witzigreuter, который берёт начало с 17 ноября 2007.

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Kill Paradise

Kill Paradise, reigning from Denver, Colorado, is the dancepop solo project of Nick Cocozzella. He created this project in October of 2003. He has released two albums independently. His first, Pictures, can be bought on iTunes. He released his second album, The Effect, on January 20 2008. Cocozzella was part of The Autobiography, but has parted ways with them for unknown reasons. Spending time away from his old band, he has created two other side projects besides Kill Paradise: The Midas Well and The Broadway.

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Romance on a Rocketship

Romance On A Rocketship это парень по имени Кэйси Смит, который играл в группах Here I Come Falling и Agraceful.

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The Secret Handshake

The Secret Handshake is the electronic pop rock music project of Luis Dubuc, from Dallas, Texas. He has released two full-length albums, two EPs and a mixtape in his four year run. The Secret Handshake is the musical project of self-taught musician Luis Dubuc, who began performing under the name in the early 2000s. Dubuc first got his start playing in a couple of bands with his friends, most notably spending time as the drummer for metallic hardcore unit Thirty Called Arson, who released the album You're Only a Rebel from the Waist Down through Pluto Records in 2003.

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Runner Runner

Hailing from Huntington Beach, CA, Runner Runner originated as an emo-pop side project for the members of the skatepunk band Over It, allowing for more exploration of the group's pop and electro influences. Both bands are comprised of members Ryan Ogren (vocals, guitar), Peter Munters (vocals, guitar), Jon Berry (vocals, bass), Nick Bailey (vocals, guitar), and James Ulrich (drums). In its Runner Runner configuration, the group released an EP in 2008 with the help of producer Tommy Henriksen, fashioning the same sort of dancefloor-friendly music that made Metro Station a hit earlier that year. In February of 2011, the band made their full-length debut for Capitol Records with the self-titled Runner Runner.

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