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Rauli Badding Somerjoki

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Roomful of Emptiness

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Lasse Mellberg (born 1977 Helsinki, Finland), better known by his stage name Redrama, is a Finland-Swedish rapper. Redrama made a breakthrough in 2003. English occurring Redrama was part of hip-hop group Alien Allies, which also included the Norwegian Paperboys and Madcon. Redrama won the English-language Finnish championship of rapping in 2001. He won the finnish Grammy (Emma) award for best hiphop album in 2005. He's worked together with such artists as Madcon(Nor), Proof (of D12), Promoe, Pato Pooh (Swe), Anna Abreu, Asa, Paleface, Felix Zenger to name a few.

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New supergroup CVALDA is working on a new album. This electro influenced rock band leads you to exctasy with intresting sounds and hooky melodies. The new born songs flow in almost manic depressive atmospheres bursting the highest higlights and lowest ditches right atyour face. Filled with the power of experienced songwriters like Juha Kylmnen(For My Pain…/Reflexion) and Lauri Tuohimaa (For MyPain../Charon/Embraze) also adding the kinky spice of the hammerhanded drummer Ilkka Leskel and the new generation decadence rocker Mikko Kylmnen this band has no limits what so ever. So tune your ears and prepare to hear something yo least expect!!

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Rain Diary

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Vetten prt

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Сайд проект финской группы >Moonsorrow

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