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Lani Hall

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Victims of Society

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DJ Crazy Toones

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The Lady of Rage

The Lady Of Rage - настоящее имя Robin Yvette Allen, известна своим сотрудничеством с несколькими рэпперами лэйбла Death Row Records.

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OG Loc

A real underground hero. He only came out with one record and was never heard from again, but LOC was the real deal. He had strong ties with Grove Street families, and really played up his gang affiliations. Loc lived it as he saw it - he spent a lot of time in jail, he made revenge killings, he did it all. He WAS the streets. What he lacked in technical ability he more than made up for in raw energy and enthusiasm, but opinion was divided on how good his mic skills were. Some claim LOC was the worst rapper ever to pick up a mic, while others, in particular his own PR department, claimed it was "a whole new style of hip hop, fusing dancehall reggae, nursery rhymes and straight gangsta into a str8 bundle of energy and hatred" - they don't make 'em like that any more. He disappeared without a trace after one poorly received record.

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187 Fac

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AllFrumTha I

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Ill Fated

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