Printed at Bismarck's Death - Биография

Теги и жанры: darkwave, avantgarde, german

The band is initiated by MARTIN VON ARNDT and L.H. MUTERT. First literary performances, music for plastic arts happenings.

First non-recitative concerts. First prize at Germany..s important musical festival: "Festival Junger Liedermacher" in Berlin. Production of the 1st LP, Fierceness of the immortal Charisma. Music for radio-plays, transmitted by German broadcasting stations NDR and WDR. Contribution to "Acto conmemorativo por el sacerdote Camilo Torres" in Seville / Spain.

Touring with the new program: "Alchimie du son", a literary performance with poems by Arthur Rimbaud. Musical happenings in Berlin-Gropiusstadt. Music for motion pictures.

Two members, L.H. MUTERT and RUTGER FRANK, leave the band to establish the Goth-Rock band The Tors of Dartmoor. ANSGAR NOETH joins the band instead. Long preparatory work for the 2nd LP.

Via Lacrimosa-LP with cover-art by French photographer Orphn Clare released through T42-Records. Touring in Germany, especially in the former GDR. Various contributions to Industrial-compilations (e.g. "Dry Lungs 4-American Industrial Sampler").

Via Lacrimosa-CD re-released by Danse Macabre Records. Touring in Germany. Music for stageplays and dance performances. First showcase at the POPKOMM in Cologne.

Fierceness of the immortal Charisma (and early works)-CD rereleased by Danse Macabre. Danse Macabre-festival tour in Germany and Belgium. MAXI-CD: …can dance and 3rd album, Ten Movements with video release: "O WHAT CAN AlL THEE…". Guitarist MARTIN GRUENITZ joins the band.

Danse Macabre-festival tour in France and Spain. Ten Movements-tour. Music for dance performances by Min Tanaka's elve Ute Niemuth and B. Sui Djen Heinz. ANSGAR NOETH guest-keyboarder of DAS ICH world-tour.

First takes for the 4th CD: Chamber Music. Music for stageplays ("Anabasis", "Sui-Djen").

Blisz Productions (Karlsruhe/Germany) and Les Productions Jazz-Partisans (Nancy/France) sign the band. Works for installations of Erdogan Semiloglu, sponsored by the UNESCO-funds.

Sideproject Griffin's Fall (M.V.ARNDT). Final works for Chamber Music-CD, produced by Ingo Beitz (kALTE fARBEN) and Bruno Kramm (DAS ICH). Performance music and video installations for Chinese artist Ning Yuye.

Chamber Music for those absent-CD. Videos for "Camuanorghia" and "Sarajevo-Suite", directed by Ning Yuye. Croatian broadcasting stations are not allowed to play the "Sarajevo-Suite" for fear of separatist contents.

Scientific documentation of Chamber Music in the annual of the institute for anthropology of Zagreb University. PRINTED is respected bearing "one of the weirdest bandnames ever".

2000 - 2001:
Signing with SYBORG-MUSIC. Former member L.H. MUTERT dies at the age of 33.

2002 - 2003:
MARTIN VON ARNDT on European tour with In My Rosary (sax, keys, backing voc).

2004 - :
PRINTED is working on literary performances on German and French writers (Schiller, Moerike, Rimbaud, Baudelaire), touring in Germany.


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