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Теги и жанры: darkwave, ethereal, gothic, ambient, atmospheric

"Her Blackened Rose is a solo project, which I, Clare Webster, formed in early 2007. In the past I was involved in a solo acoustic project known as "Rain Child", but then my direction changed and I decided to go deeper into darker places. I have suffered quite a lot as a person, I have lost some of the closest people to me, which triggered depression and made me suicidal. But God, my saviour, brought me back to the light, and now I only wish to share with you my story. How I came from the dark - into the light. The state of this dying world is really on my heart, and if I had to give my own life to give this world life, then I would. My concern for the welfare of animals is just one of my many concerns…but I hope that a unity of artists, can speak out to this dying world..and perhaps bring it back to life."

Clare Webster


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