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Soil and Eclipse began in March of 1996, originally under the name Oracle of Delphi. The band was formed in Hawaii when vocalist Jay Tye and G.W. Childs IV began collaborating in an effort to fill their local music scene with a more eclectic sound. Though the two were in the US Army at the time, they worked together in their free time to perform live shows. Their many local performances led to a following among Hawaiian goth enthusiasts. In January of 1997, Jay and G.W. were contacted by COP International, who had heard their demo tape, and was interested in signing the band. After a few months of communication and a trip to meet the minds behind COP, a contract was negotiated and signed. After a short time of debate amongst the bandmates, a new name for the band was chosen -Soil and Eclipse. Jay and G.W. felt that the new name better suited the style of music, given its ambient nature. Shortly after signing with COP International, Soil and Eclipse began recording their first CD, 'Necromancy'. Co-produced by Rommell Regulacion (Razed in Black,Transmutator) and G.W. Childs, 'Necromancy' was quick to get a positive response. Many tracks from the CD, including "Rejoice" and "False Prophet" have received extensive airplay across clubs and radio programs throughout North America and Europe. After the release of 'Necromancy', Soil and Eclipse seperated geographically due to the ending of their military enlistments, which, for the record, were honorable. Jay returned to his home town of San Diego, and G.W. to his home town of Dallas. While in seperate states, Jay and G.W. started writing music for their second release. After a year of seperation and struggle, a new catalog of songs was created. Upon reuniting in San Francisco, the duo began work on 'Meridian'. Maurice Jackson of Nerve Factor (COP labelmates) played a huge role in the production of 'Meridian'. Not a surprise given his extensive backround in audio engineering and electro/industrial music. 'Meridian' shows the duo in a more emotional light and truly showcases the vocal talents of Jay Tye. The response again has been very positive - Four weeks after its release, 'Meridian' made it in to the German top ten where it stayed for two weeks. Soil and Eclipse has since released 'Archetype'. The 'Archetype' single embodies new works with remixes from 'Meridian' such as 'Exile' (Remixed By M.O.), 'Poetry of Angels' (Remixed By Rommell Regulacion of Razed in Black) and 'Thief of Always' (Audio Paradox remix) . A very diverse release in content as well as sound, it has been the biggest success of the entire catalog in acclaim as well as success of the band. Later in 2002 Soil and Eclipse released "Purity" which brought to light such titles as the moody "O' Magnum Mysterium" which has enjoyed a large burst of club play as well as "Bridges" and "Sentence Me". The material on the album benefitted greatly from the flawless production brought forth by Count Zero of DLI fame and the infectious remixes by Razed in Black, Cassandra Complex and M.O. and Deathline International. While having an abundance of club friendly material, the album also contained tracks exhibiting more vulnerability than in previous recordings. Introspective tracks like "Pretend" and "Chains" gained attention again for the Count's thoughtful production but also the emphasized sensitivity. In 2008, Soil & Eclipse released 'the Mirror'. Of all of Soil & Eclipse discography, this is the most sensitive. Drawing from within rather than from outside, 'the Mirror' is a revealing and emotional selection.


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