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Теги и жанры: neoclassical, dark ambient, darkwave

Established in 2005 as the solo Dramatic Orchestral entity of Transylvania born George D. Stanciulescu. First demo MCD, “Smaragdine”, was released in the mid of 2005, displaying an anomic suite of 7 tabulas, fragranced by a taste of drama and ineluctable aspirations, all mixed into one 22 minutes track. The full length album , “Rites of Genesis”, was released in January 2008 by polish label Rage in Eden, enabling a cinematic and esoteric journey through the whirls of dark symphonic grandeur, timeless romanticism and spiritually challenging descents into the abyss of sounds. In March 2009, the second album, “Magna Charta Illusorum” was released, marking the “descensus ad inferos” of the project, by exploring a darker, more tormented and claustrophobic sound, yet echoed by the angelic hints that foresee the elevation through the dawn of hope. Poetic, artsy and spiritualized, the odyssey of Ad Ombra will unfold even more creative paths in the time to come.


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