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Теги и жанры: darkwave, synthpop, electronic, ebm, female vocalists, electro

Sara Noxx - one of the award winners of 1997 ZILLO band contest - became almost over night a shooting star of the independent music scene.

Her debut album “Noxxious” and her single release “Society” soon guaranteed crowded dancefloors in alternative clubs and they still do today.

Her follow-up album “Paradoxx” (1998) is marked by electronic sounds, melancholic beats and lyrics full of end time romanticism. “Stupid” conquered Belgium’s sales charts - her charts entry from zero to place 2 drew international attention on the German electro artist.

In 2001, after a three year break, “Exxtasy” was released. Sara for the first time really was able to present all the variety of her vocal timbre. Her songs, such as “Winter Again” and “Last Desire” became modern classics.

2003 was the time many scene relevant music magazines called the “Noxx Year”. Sara once more entered new paths, released her instrumental album “Nonvoxx” which convinced even the last few sceptics when it was sold out within a very short time. In Autumn 2003 the album “Equinoxx” and the single cd “Colder & Colder” were released which claimed the no. 1 position of all European alternative charts for several weeks.

“Lyrixx”, Sara’s first book with poem’s of her, was published in Spring 2004 - it is a unique amalgamation of fear and love with poems both vulnerable and impeaching . Critics lavished her with compliments. Sara Noxx - a versatile artist one can expect to surprise again and again in the future.


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