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Теги и жанры: experimental, avant-garde, industrial, noise, jazz

Beginning as a solo project by James Huggett, Combat Astronomy came to be in 1998 after several years of playing and recording music which incorporated noise, industrial-style music and electronics, later to be changed into the current sound of the band.
Martin Archer was called by James to join the group and with the help of Mick Beck and Charlie Collins they released The dematerialised passenger in 2005. With an expanded lineup that consists of Elaine di Falco, Mick Beck and Mike Ward they released in 2008 Dreams no longer hesitate.

As the band's biography states, James' influences "range from space/krautrock (Hawkwind, Can and Amon Duul), classic rock (Joe Walsh, Queen, ELP) through to French zheul (Magma, Dun, Zao/Seffer), avant metal/doom rock (Sonic Youth, Gorguts, Meshuggah), space jazz (Alice Coltrane, Sun Ra) and a host of others… Fela Kuti, Kate Bush and Electric Wizard being recent favourites.".

Highly recommended for those looking for dark and eerie avant-rock, with zeuhl-ish influences (Magma, The Red Masque (Fossil Eyes)) as well as doom-metal.


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