Arzt+Pfusch - Биография

Теги и жанры: industrial, ebm, dark electro, noise, electronic, electro-industrial

CyMonk, Der Doktor, Dr. A-Funz

Basicly in a random nights drinking session in the year of 1998 Der Doktor & Dr. A-Funz sat down & recorded a few songs. During the next 14 days they made 5 songs, which were put on a demo cd entitled "SOGPTU" - the title was chosen because it was stupid! After some time the debut album "Warum?" was released on Eraser/Novatekk. Next was the "Love" EP/Mini-Album thing was scheduled to be released in Oct./Nov. 1999, but due to several mishaps, live shows, delays, broken switches, and other stuff (classified) it was Re-Scheduled to Feb./Mar. 2000.

After two years of no released material Der Doktor was kicked out of Arzt+Pfusch in August of 2002. Shortly afterwards Cymonk (from the german project Cymotec) joined A+P.

The process of writing new (& interesting??) material has started in the beginning of 2003-06 & so the (oh so splendid) future can't look any brighter!



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